We’d like to thank our partners, who help us offer our clients the best technology and service. We are highly selective in our partnerships, and are proud to team up with the companies listed below.

+ CounterFlow AI

CounterFlow AI provides a world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven threat detection platform that help overwhelmed SOC teams significantly reduced time to detection and response by targeting, filtering, and ranking malicious activity, advanced persistent threats, and zero-day exploits.

+ Wombat Security

Wombat Security provides information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior and reduce risk.

+ Virigina Bio

We are proud to be the official cybersecurity partner of Virginia Bio! Virginia Biotechnology Association advances the Commonwealth’s life sciences bio-ecosystem by advocating for effective national, state and local public policies, supporting life science entrepreneurs and businesses, and educating the next generation of leaders.


The CBIC is a networking and technology entrepreneurship advocacy organization for the Charlottesville area. They provide resources for tech companies in our area to find office space, network with clients, find investors, and recruit the types of talented innovative people we need to grow. Charlottesville is a small town that is doing a lot of growing right now. CBIC helps drive technology growth and investment in the region. If you are coming to Charlottesville, check out one of their technology-focused networking events!