Compliance + Consulting

Risk-based approaches to effective security


Security starts with understanding the risks specific to your organization. We develop strategic plans to mitigate and manage your cyber risks.


Compliance Advisory Services

The number of cybersecurity regulations is increasing rapidly. Our consulting team helps you navigate the technical, operational, and strategic challenges of regulatory compliance.

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We stay up-to-date on all major cybersecurity regulations including:

  • GDPR
  • SEC
  • PCI
  • SOC2

Virtual Chief Information
Officer (vCISO)

In large organizations, the CISO is responsible for the executive-level planning and implementation of the information security program. Many small and medium-sized businesses need this level of expertise, but do not have the resources to hire a dedicated CISO. Our vCISO service provides fractional CISO consulting services tailored to your business and industry.


Executive Cybersecurity Briefings

Many corporate executives and board members are discovering the hard way that they have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure effective cybersecurity measures are in place at their organizations. Data breaches can result in heavy fines, regulatory scrutiny, and even prison sentences.

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We have launched a new series of training programs exclusively for executives and board members to help key decision-makers understand the regulations and cyber threats that impact their organization. We partner with the cybersecurity attorneys of Woods Rogers, PLC to provide both a legal and a technical approach to cybersecurity for executives.

Employee Cybersecurity Seminars

Develop a culture of security at your organization. Our security seminars build awareness around cyber hygiene and security best practices and can be tailored to your industry and employees.


Employee Anti-phishing Training

Reduce susceptibility to successful phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90% with phishing awareness training.

Bluestone’s vCISO service made it easy to secure our firm. We didn’t know where to start, but they were really easy to work with and now I feel better knowing that we are secure. 
— Bill M., Financial Services Firm