Foreign governments, specifically Russia and China, are heavily invested in the outcomes of US state and federal elections. These nation-state adversaries are highly sophisticated and capable of carrying out advanced cyber attacks. Without the right technology and training, states are unable to detect — let alone stop — these adversaries as they attempt to impact US elections.

Bluestone Analytics has developed a simple yet effective election cybersecurity solution that leverages industry-leading technology and expertise. Our services help states ensure that their elections are secure. Through a partnership with Counterflow, AI, all hardware and software is sourced from within the US or trusted international allies.


Our powerful, cost-effective solution combines the following elements to deliver comprehensive protection at each voting location:

  • Isolation of vote-compiling computers in each county from the rest of their local network

  • Real time threat detection and analysis

  • Network data recording ("packet capture") to provide a forensic evidence trail to investigate attacker activity following detection 

  • An audit record of all network transactions involving the voting computers

  • Hardware components sourced within the US and from trusted international allies with a secure supply chain

  • Ability to secure multiple locations simultaneously

  • A central cloud-based threat analysis and visualization tool

  • Incident Response capability in the event that malicious activity is detected on the network