Managed Detection + Response (MDR)

The future of effective cybersecurity.


Are you ready to go beyond the cyber protection offered by your MSSP or IT provider?

Bluestone Analytics’ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution combines people, technology, and processes to give your organization the most advanced data defenses available. Continuous network and cyber asset monitoring provide comprehensive protection, detection, and response against even the most advanced cyber threats. 


Proactive Threat-Hunting Team

+ Proven Expertise

Our team comes from backgrounds in the US Intelligence Community and Fortune-50 companies.

+ Continuous Network Monitoring

Hackers don’t sleep. Our expert cybersecurity analysts and security engineers continuously monitor your network and are available 24/7

+ Better Results, Fewer Analysts

Our AI engine reduces false-positives by 95%. This means more significant data, fewer analysts and lower costs.


Advanced Technology

+ AI-Powered Network Sensors

Advanced signature inspection and anomaly detection powered by machine learning

+ Threat Intelligence Gateway

Turns intelligence feeds into actions, stopping more threats than traditional cybersecurity measures

+ Full Packet Capture

Better threat identification and informed incident response

+ Scalable


Rapid Incident Response

+ Proactive Response

We respond to a variety of indicators of compromise, such as lateral network movement, usage anomalies and metric to catch and remove threat actors on your network before they can impact your organization.

+ Investigation + Analysis

Our team has seen it all. From ransomware botnets to state-sponsored corporate espionage, we have the expertise to identify the source of cyber threats on your network

+ Collaboration

We work with your IT team to isolate and remove threats from your network