Corporate Counterintelligence




activities designed to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other foreign entity.

At Bluestone Analytics, we specialize in corporate counterintelligence. We are constantly working to actively defend organizations against corporate espionage, malware, hackers, insider threats, and other cyber risks. Our team includes a former Army Special Operations officer, former US Intelligence analysts, white-hat hackers, and expert security advisors and analysts.

Our approach to cybersecurity was developed through years of going head-to-head with criminals, terrorists, insider threats, and nation-state hackers. While we continually pull from new research and innovative cybersecurity techniques, we are driven not by theory, but by what is most effective in the real world. This allows us to help clients avoid worst-case scenarios, while helping them build their resilience for exactly those types of events.

Our team has a global understanding of complex cyber threats. We use this knowledge to help companies maintain tactical, operational, and strategic advantages against insider threats, malicious hackers, malware exposure, and other cyber threats. By leveraging proprietary tools and applying an adversarial approach to cyber risk management, Bluestone Analytics helps businesses improve their security, defend against insider threats, prevent Intellectual Property theft, and reduce their risk exposure on the dark web. Innovate! We'll protect your big ideas!


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