5 Ways Managed Detection + Response (MDR) Out-performs MSSPs

Cybersecurity is a big challenge for modern businesses. Malicious cyber activities such as ransomware, cryptominers, and social engineering cost the US economy between $57 billion and $109 billion annually. Advanced cyber attacks are becoming easier and cheaper for criminals to deploy, and traditional perimeter defenses are no longer enough to adequately protect your network.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers businesses a subscription-based security model that actually defends against today's advanced cyber threats. Unlike passive security monitoring services offered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), MDR doesn't wait for attacks to occur- it leverages advanced analytics to actively hunt for unknown threats before they infiltrate your network.

Proactive Threat Detection

Traditional MSSPs offer ineffective solutions that rely on signature-based detection and perimeter defenses. Because they only monitor for known attacks, these solutions leave your network vulnerable to advanced malware, zero-day exploits and insider threats. Bluestone Analytics' MDR security solution is a proactive approach that utilizes AI-powered behavioral and endpoint analytics to actively hunt down threats on your network. If a threat is detected, our experts quarantine and remove the threat before it can impact your network.

Superior Visibility + Holistic Security Approach

Strategic decisions require technical insights. With an MSSP, network visibility is limited. They might detect known malware on your network, but they cannot tell you how long it has been infecting your system, how it gained access to your network, or where it sits on the cyber kill chain. These details can vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to an incident, and offer valuable insights for how to better defend your network against future attacks. Our MDR solution provides a full-packet capture capability, and tracks and responds to threats in real-time as they attempt to access your network. We help elevate your security program across people, processes and technology by giving you enhanced visibility into your network and providing strategic recommendations for ways to improve your organization's overall security posture.

Expert Security Professionals

Security monitoring services offered by MSSPs rely on analysts who are not trained threat-hunters and do not have the knowledge needed to identify and classify unknown threats. At Bluestone Analytics, we hire expert security analysts who are familiar with the global cyber threat landscape, and understand the types of threats most likely to impact your business. Our threat-hunting team seeks out unknown threats, and catches previously undiscovered attacks (that will show up on MSSPs data feeds days or even months later). This expertise prevents advanced threats from accessing your network and helps you make informed decisions about the most effective ways to defend your data.

Integrated Incident Response

Time is critical during a security incident. If your business is reliant on an MSSP, Incident Response can be delayed for days or even weeks while threats are escalated and an external Incident Response team is contracted. Because MSSPs do not provide insights into attack origins, the Incident Response team must conduct separate analysis, which can add significantly to the time and cost of responding to an incident. Bluestone Analytics' MDR solution conducts constant forensic analysis, offering rapid insights about the details of an attack. Additionally, with Bluestone Analytics' MDR, everyone monitoring your network is an expert security professional, and the transition from detection to response occurs seamlessly- saving you downtime and lost revenue.

Reduction of False-positives

MSSP's security solutions rely on basic log management and monitoring. If an alert is generated, it is forwarded on to the client to determine how to respond. With Bluestone Analytics' MDR, artificial intelligence helps expert security analysts as they continuously monitor alerts, eliminate false positives, and quickly respond to threats before they turn into incidents. Because we triage alerts as they occur, only genuine incidents are brought to your team's attention, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and stop stressing about security.

Bottom line: MSSPs are not an answer for better cybersecurity. Businesses looking for a simple way to enhance their overall technology and security posture should look into MDR services, which offer protection against advanced cyber threats and a more personalized approach.