New Cybersecurity Firm in Charlottesville, Virginia

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About Bluestone Analytics.

Bluestone Analytics is a boutique security consulting firm focused on protecting the sensitive data of organizations both large and small. Drawing from a diverse set of backgrounds, the Bluestone Analytics team combines experience in Special Operations counterintelligence, advanced cybersecurity engineering, and international startup experience to create our unique approach. Every person in our company has lived outside the United States. Although that is by no means a requirement to work at our company, we like to think we attract the most interesting and capable experts in our industry. We also like to have a lot of fun. Corporate security is serious, but it doesn't have to be boring. We love to travel and are always seeking new adventures. Check out our Instagram.

Bluestone Analytics launched in Charlottesville in 2014 and we have been growing quickly. We now have four employees based in central Virginia, and sales engineers in Manama, Bahrain and Tampa, Florida. While we are based in Charlottesville, VA, we serve clients around the world. From Charlottesville to Abu Dhabi, we help our clients protect what matters most: their innovative ideas.

Charlottesville Cybersecurity.

We are located just off the downtown mall in the heart of Charlottesville’s exploding technology scene. We are the premier provider of cybersecurity consulting and services to businesses in Charlottesville and central Virginia. We provide Managed Security Services, penetration testing, cybersecurity training, and incident response. We use the latest cybersecurity technology to provide our clients comprehensive protection from hackers, malware, and insider threats. We also have extensive experience conducting investigations to determine the cause and subsequent damage of a hack. 

Comprehensive Security Consulting.

In addition to cybersecurity, we provide our clients comprehensive security assessments and tailored solutions. We call our services corporate counterintelligence, a reference to how elite Special Operations forces and the U.S. Intelligence Community protect their most valuable information. We combine human and physical security with cybersecurity to provide complete protection of your data. 

Human security.

We help our clients implement an insider threat detection and prevention program as well as help them understand the threats posed by traditional human-focused industrial espionage. Employees still represent a major weakness of many companies. From careless mistakes to malicious actions, employees are often at the heart of security breaches.

Physical Security.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Skyclad Aerial, a central Virginia-based drone (UAS or UAV) company. Together with Skyclad Aerial, we produce the most innovative physical security assessment products on the market today. Our UAS allows us to provide detailed physical security assessments in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional security consulting firms. From a 3D model of a manufacturing facility to a perimeter security assessment of a coal mine in West Virginia, our HD images and video have provided deciton-makers the information they need to make fast, informed improvements to their security.

Lots more to come.

We have a lot more big news coming. We have a cybersecurity product in development that will revolutionize threat intelligence. We will announce our new, comprehensive security consulting service. Additionally, in the coming weeks we will be announcing some partnerships that will provide our clients access to the best technology in the cybersecurity industry at amazing prices. Just like Skyclad Aerial, we have recently partnered with some innovative local companies to expand our reach and build our portfolio. Check back soon!