Veteran Ownership Provides Unique Approach to Cybersecurity

On Veterans Day, we thank and honor the men and women who have served in all branches of the US Military. Bluestone Analytics is proud to be a veteran-owned small business. Bluestone's founder and CEO, Liam Bowers served in the US Army Special Operations where he specialized in Counterintelligence and security program implementation and management.

According to Forbes, veterans found companies at twice the rate of civilians. This is because the military provides an environment that fosters leadership, teamwork, focus, and the ability to identify unique opportunities. In the case of Bluestone Analytics, Liam saw an opportunity to help U.S. businesses by providing them with comprehensive security solutions to protect them from cyber attacks, data breaches, and corporate espionage. The military and US intelligence agencies focus on human, physical, and cybersecurity to protect our nation's secrets, and Bluestone Analytics uses that same military intelligence strategy to protect your company's data and Intellectual Property. In addition to setting Bluestone apart as a leader in corporate counterintelligence, Liam's military experience has also led to many partnerships with other veteran-owned businesses, military affiliates, and defense contractors.

To all our veterans, thank you.