Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing is an in-depth security evaluation of your network that allows you to determine vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications. Penetration Tests are a critical component of an advanced cybersecurity strategy, and many businesses are required to perform annual or bi-annual Penetration Tests in order to be compliant with their industry's cybersecurity regulations.

During a Network Penetration Test, we focus on two specific things: the organization’s ability to detect a cyber attack and their ability to respond to it. We simulate malicious hackers to test your network's security and provide an accurate assessment of its vulnerability. We use custom software combined with the latest tools, techniques, and exploits to provide accurate assessments and detailed reports to secure your network. 

A network penetration test starts with a vulnerability scan to identify weaknesses in network's defenses. The penetration tester, or white-hat hacker, then uses specialized tools to exploit the vulnerabilities discovered. The true mark of a good penetration tester is their ability to write custom computer code to exploit newly-discovered vulnerabilities. 

Following a Penetration Test, we give you a detailed report of vulnerabilities, and offer customized cybersecurity solutions to close the gaps in your network.