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We provide industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and expertise right here in Roanoke, Virginia.


Threat Detection -  Incident Response - Industry Experts

Managed Threat Detection and Response Virginia

Threat Detection + Response

Our 24/7 Threat Hunting Team monitors and responds to the hidden threats on your networks. Using AI-powered threat intelligence sensors and cutting-edge data forensics tools, our team will protect your networks. 

Cyber Incident Response Virginia

Technical Services

Our team of cybersecurity experts is ready to help you prevent and respond to cyber attacks.  From penetration testing to forensic Incident Response, our team has the expertise necessary to secure your networks.

Cybersecurity Regulation Compliance NYDFS GDPR Virginia

Compliance + Consulting

New cybersecurity regulations, such as NYDFS, NIST, and GDPR, can be complex. Our Virtual CISO consulting service streamlines the compliance process and works with your company to efficiently secure your data. 


About Bluestone Analytics

Bluestone Analytics is based on the downtown mall in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. Our team is passionate about protecting the data of the small and medium sized businesses that make Virginia a thriving hub for innovation. 

To date, Bluestone Analytics has helped over 50 companies, such as Cavion and Agrospheres, improve the security of their sensitive data. We have several clients in Roanoke, Virginia, and travel there frequently.

Just like you, we are involved in our community. From mentoring at the UVA iLab, to hosting internships for UVA and PVCC engineering students, we enjoy giving back to the local startup and innovation scene. 

At Bluestone Analytics, we specialize in preventing cyber attacks and protecting sensitive data. Click below to learn how we can help your business. 



Co-Founder and CEO  

Liam spent over twelve years as an intelligence officer in U.S. Army Special Operations. Liam leads our cyber threat intelligence and corporate counterintelligence programs. 



Co-founder and CTO

Joe is an experienced cybersecurity engineer. He has spent the last 20 years as a penetration tester, cybersecurity consultant, and security software developer with multiple fortune-50 companies. Joe leads our cybersecurity consulting practice and develops our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform.